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Professional Organizing Services

Whether you are too busy to organize your home, struggling with chronic disorganization and executive dysfunction, moving, or just don't know where to start, I will help you make sense of the chaos around you. In our initial consultation call, we will go over the services I can provide and I will help you decide which best fits your situation. 

Home Organizing

When you run into car trouble, you take your car to a mechanic and don't try to fix it yourself, right? Consider professional organizers the mechanics of your home. Whether it's a storage area, a pantry, or your home office, I will manage every project from beginning to end. I'll work with you to make thoughtful decisions on what to keep in your space, what to discard (and where to discard it). Then we will implement an organizational system based on your goals and how you live and work in your space. At the end of sessions, we will take any donations to the appropriate donation centers to give your items a new life. Along the way, you can expect to learn the skills you need to be able to maintain your new systems and we can offer more support with regular maintenance and refreshes. As a specialist in ADHD and Chronic Disorganization, I pride myself in my continuing education so that I can provide the most support to anyone who may struggle with executive dysfunction.

As a hoarding specialist, I am acutely aware of the sensitivity and compassion needed to help clients living with hoarding disorder. A team of empathetic and supportive professionals like organizers, therapists, and bulk haulers is essential to recovery and I am equipped to provide these resources when needed. 

Organizing services we provide also include:

-Move management

-Paper filing and management

-Downsizing and Senior Moves

-Hoarding Recovery

Virtual Organizing

Some clients prefer to do the hands-on work themselves but may need a buddy to keep them accountable. We are here to cheer you on virtually! Virtual organizing sessions are helpful for developing organizing goals and plans, and learning the step-by-step process of organizing.

ADHD & Productivity Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in chaos caused by ADHD or executive dysfunction symptoms? Coaching sessions with me are centered around your many strengths. We will work together to learn about how your brain works, and then we will find your strengths and keep those front and center as we develop new habits to help you work towards your goals in your personal and/or professional life. 

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